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I was born in Italy in 1975 and grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Biella. My grandfather was a gardener and he was tending the grounds at one of the biggest properties in the area. It belonged to a wealthy family from Turin and included a large garden, a vegetable garden and an orchard. I used to spend much time with my grandparents so the garden gradually became my kingdom. Such a large and safely enclosed area meant peace of mind for them too. 
I was lucky.

In Italy, I was a gardener for about 8 years before moving to the UK. I was involved with a botanical garden in the Alps and loved working alongside the professional and passionate team. The desire to learn more about gardens was becoming stronger each day.

In 2009 a door opened in Suffolk. Somebody was leaving behind a gardening job on a private estate. I took it.
Soon after moving, I embarked on courses with the Royal Horticultural Society to improve my plant knowledge and achieved a very satisfactory level 3. 
I was thrilled.

In 2012 came the graduation (with distinction) from the "London College of Garden Design" at the time based at Kew Gardens.

By 2015 I was to set up 'fabiogardens' with the aim of provinding a genuine and professional service in the 'gardening World'.

"Gardens are just gardens. We make them a special place."

Love your plants.